Opti-Lube Oil

Want to find out how Opti-4 Four Cycle Lubricant doubles the Engine Warranty on your new equipment purchase??   Click Here 

Interlube’s line of Opti oils offer superior protection allowing for superior performance and increasing engine life. The Opti-2 oil exceeds the highest worldwide performance standard of ISO-E-GD+. It is completely compatible with oxygenated fuels. It is designed to mix 100:1 for any piece of equipment you have. It is smoke free and contains fuel stabilizer to increase the shelf life of the gasoline.

The Opti-4 oil is made with the same superior quality as the Opti-2 oil. Interlube stands by their Opti-4 oil so firmly that they will double your engine warranty as long as you use Opti-4 oil in your 4-cycle power equipment. This guarantee is supplied exclusively through any Opti dealer. Opti-4 oil exceeds all power equipment engine manufacturer requirements.

Interlube’s ethanol fuel treatment and stabilizer, Opti-Mizer MAX, helps eliminate most ethanol problems, prolongs the life of your fuel and contains top end lubricant to ensure your engine valves stay clean.

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