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Rich Convertible Mowers – Attachments

Accelerator Grass Catcher

This side discharge aluminum mesh, 6.2- bushel grass catcher is lightweight for easy handling.




Aeration relieves soil compaction and allows air, water, and nutrient penetration for a superior lawn. The AE1000 comes with an electric actuator and is easy to install


The hitch plate comes standard with the Trac Vac lawn vacuum. Great for towing around any utility wagon or cart.




48″ rough cut brush deck is made of 10 gauge steel and can handle up to 2″ sapling


Now dethatching is as easy as mowing!  The front mount TH1000 is the perfect tool for removing unsightly dead grass, twigs and other debris and will help your lawn absorb moisture and fertilizer.



Grass Catcher

This side discharge wire mesh 5-bushel grass catcher is easy to remove for fast dumping.

Loading Lights

Equip your mower with two 55-watt halogen lamps for maximum visibility.  With this attachment you can load after dark.



Snow Blade

This snow blade is great for the removal of light snow on your driveway or sidewalk.  Offered with a 50″ or 60″ with or without pivot.


Easy to install front mount 25-gallon liquid sprayer with a detachable five foot boom for mounting in front or rear.




The Spyker Spreader has a stainless steel frame with a 120-pound plastic hopper.  This 12-volt electric driven spreader has a width range from 4’ to 24’.

Trac Vac

The Trac Vac Model 655 Vacuum features twin forty four gallon containers that are easy to remove for quick dumping. The 655 is fully castered and is equipped with large pneumatic tires for easy handling.




Our number one attachment! Install the CB1000 while your mower is in the walk behind position and you have a self-propelled wheelbarrow.

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