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Honda Generators


Portable electric power continues to grow in popularity as more and more electronic devices and appliances become an important part of our lives, both at work and home.  For over 35 years, Honda generators have set the industry standard for portable generators with the most extensive model selection for a variety of commercial and consumer applications.

Portable electric power can enhance most outdoor activities we enjoy.  Honda generators have also been a long time favorite of the construction and rental industries for their reliability and durability.  The increased demand for electric power often pushes local power providers to capacity and sometimes results in “brown outs”.  Honda offers the world’s most complete line of portable generators to provide power in situations just like this, and all units meet EPA and CARB emission levels.

Power of Choice

Wherever you need it, Honda has the power to keep you going. For whatever reason you need extra power, Honda’s got the generator for you. Giving you the power you really need. The power of choice.

What You Get

  • Reliability. Honda has an unmatched reputation for reliable generators that offer dependable starts and keep running year after year.
  • Fuel efficiency. Honda’s superior technology means increased fuel efficiency and longer run times.
  • Quiet. Thanks to the use of inherently quiet four-stroke engines and superior technology, Honda generators boast incredibly low decibel levels.  
  • Portability. Honda generators are made for true portability, from lightweight, easy-to-carry models to those with wheeled transport kits.
  • No More Interruptions. Honda’s scientifically developed technologies make it possible to offer consistent delivery of “clean power” which means more reliability and less interruptions. Honda’s inverter technology allows the most sensitive electronics such as computers and power-sensitive testing equipment – which shut down easily between the initial power loss and the generator kick-in – to operate without interruptions from remote locations.

Choose the Honda Generator Best Suited for Your Needs!

How Do I Know What Size Generator I Need?

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How quiet are the Honda Generators?

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EU Series – Inverter-Equipped GeneratorsUltra Lightweight, ultra low noise & ultra high quality electricity. When two are used in parallel (with the optional parallel connection cables) the output is doubled! Ideally suited for Emergency back-up of sensitive electronics in your home and as a fantastic camping companion. 

Honda Deluxe Modelshave large quiet mufflers and fuel tanks for longer running times. Some have wheels and an electric start option (battery not included) as well as Auto-Throttle. Deluxe models are most popular for emergency stand-by back-up power. Featuring models: EM4000,  EM5000, EM5000is & EM6500

Honda Industrial/Commercial Models(Similar to Deluxe models) are ideal for construction use as well as emergency power. Most models are equipped with Auto Throttle & GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) to conform to OSHA job site regulations. Featuring models: EB3000ckg,  EB4000,  EB5000, EB6500, EB10000
The EB5000 is great for home back-up without the extra expense of electric start.

Honda Economy ModelsAlthough the Economy models are not equipped  with all of the bells and whistles of the Deluxe and Industrial models, they are economically priced, with all the quality and reliability that go hand in hand with the Honda name. Featuring models: EG4000CLAT,  EG5000CLAT and EG6500CLAT.


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