MacKissic – Mighty Mac Leaf Cycler

The UNIQUE product for multi-use cleanup of leaf and lawn debris!  The LeafCycler is the first machine designed to provide an easy, efficient, and economical method of gathering, mulching, and bagging leaves and branches from the yard.  This combines into one machine the utility of several machines that if bought separately could easily cost the consumer $1300.

The LeafCycler is the complete multi-use machine for cleanup of leaf and lawn debris.  It is designed to provide an easy, efficient and economical method of gathering, mulching and bagging, leaves, branches, pine cones and other yaard debris.

The LeafCycler is perfect for high-volume leaf conditions where high performance is needed and where high performance is expected!

Mackissic LC6000

Blower:  The LeafCycler first is a full-featured 150 mph leaf blower.  Offering the utility of blowing leaves and yard debris into convenient windrows or piles.  This eliminates time consuming, labor-intensive raking.  This powerful blower also can be used to clean debris off driveways or parking lots as well as all other lawn debris from the yard.

Chipper:  The LeafCycler is also a top-quality chipper.  The self-feeding 2-7/8” diameter chipping capacity makes short work of branches that have fallen or have been cut from trees.  The high-quality hardened steel knife chips branches into thumbnail-sized pieces excellent for decorating around shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds. 

Mulcher:  The LeafCycler is a leaf mulcher.  Exclusive to this machine is a hammerless mulching design that has the capability of reducing leaves, pinecones, and other yard debris up to 8 to 1.  That’s 8 bags of leaves reduced to 1!  Further reduction is possible by easily vacuuming the mulch through the machine one or more times.  The recycled product now is useable as decorative mulch for around flowerbeds, shrubbery, and trees.  It can be used for fertilizer in the garden or left to decompose in a compost pile.  Leaf disposal problems are solved once and for all by using the LeafCycler!

Vacuum-Bagger: Once the LeafCycler blows leaves into a pile, an easy-to-install vacuum hose kitis used to quickly vacuum leaves into the mulching chamber.  The material is reduced and then blown into a nylon mesh 2.5 bushel bag for easy disposal.




Briggs & Stratton 8.0 gross torque OHV

Front Tire

9” Pneumatic locks or swivel

Rear Tire

4.10 X 3.5 – 4” Pneumatic


150 MPH



Hose Kit

6” X 8’ Flexible with pick up handle and holster for storage


2.5 Bushel


Up to 2-7/8”

Leaf Reduction

Up to 8:1


128 lbs


2 Yr Limited

Country of Origin



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