Solo 421S Handcrank Spreader 

The Solo 421S Handcrank Spreader’s agitator allows material to drop onto impeller evenly, improving uniformity of spread and eliminating blockages. Adjustable for drop rate and direction. Fully enclosed gear box with lubricated metal gears assure long life and durability. Padded strap with comfortable, cross-shoulder design. 6″ opening with screw-on cap. Hopper stands upright whether empty or full. With a 20lb capacity tank spreading material over irregular terrain or small area is done more conveniently then sheeledspreaders. GREAT FOR ANY-ICE APPLICATIONS!!





 Spreadable material

 Granulated material, sand, road salt


 Built-in stirring mechanism for even distribution onto the rotating spreader plate. Ensures even release of material without clogging.


 Fully sealed, easy-operating mechanism operated through a manually-operated crank. Low resistance operation of the spreading plate with lubricated metal gears for long life and durability.


 Adjustable spreading volume and spreading direction. Simple to regulate


 Reinforced and smoothed Polyethylene – prevents clogging. Easy to clean

 Carrying harness

 Adjustable diagonal shoulder belt – wide and comfortable

 Container / Sealing

 Large fill opening for easy filling with threaded cap to prevent spillage and to protect the operator from injurious dust.


 Remains safely upright even when filled to capacity

 Dryweight – empty

 5.5 lbs

 Fill Vol

 20.0 lbs