TCS33EB16 16″ Rear Handle Chain Saw, 32.2 cc

Tanaka’s 16″ entry level homeowner saw features excellent power to weight and is backed by Tanaka’s 7-year consumer use warranty.

 TCS33EDTP-12/14 32.2cc Top Handle Chain Saw

With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, this chain saw is ideal for pruning, shaping and hobby work. It is powered by Tanaka’s PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine, with a chrome-plated cylinder, forged steel connecting rod and heavy-duty gear driven oiler. This saw is equipped with either a 12″ or 14″ sprocket nosed bar with a side mounted chain adjuster.

 TCS40EA18 18″ Rear Handle Chain Saw

Featuring excellent power and versatility, this commercial grade, general use chain saw is ideal for firewood cutting and hobby work. Powered by Tanaka’s PureFire® low emission two-stroke engine, it contains a chrome plated cylinder, forged steel connecting rod, purge primer bulb and throttle latch/choke for easy and reliable starts. A heavy-duty, gear driven oiler and two bar mounting studs keep the Oregon® bar and chain at peak cutting efficiency. Finally, it is backed by Tanaka’s industry leading warranty.

 TCS51EAP 20″ Rear Handle Chain Saw

This saw was built for the commercial user who needs to be able to cut large trees quickly. It features a 50.1 cc commercial grade PureFire® engine, a compression release for easy starts, a sprocket nose bar and a bucking spike to provide superior control and ease of cut. The TCS51EAP is simple to operate with side access chain tensioning and an adjustable oiler. Depending on the users preference, optional 16″ and 18″ bar and chains are available.